Dropping Out

People love and hate America for different reasons. Some feel America is imperialistic and oppressive (nonsense) and others feel America is too much into consumerism and self-centeredness (correct). America was the greatest nation on Earth, but has fallen into narcissism, moral exhibitionism (disguised as squishy liberalism) and fads.

That’s right; fads.

Haven’t made your first million by age 30? You’re a loser who is experiencing “Failure to Launch”.

Haven’t had sex with dozens or hundreds of people? You are a prude with backward values and self-hatred.

Have had children? You idiot breeder! Your carbon footprint is going to destroy the planet.

America’s disease is a forced social conformity. Everyone thinks the same, acts the same, adopts the same sets of interests, watches the same films, reads the same books, keeps up with more trends in cooking, technology, spirituality, etc. etc.

Yes, and it is all wrapped up nicely in a book that Oprah insists you should read. If you don’t, you are a racist, or stupid or childish, or patriarchal or evil or whatever is the cool, hip, trendy whatever for the day.

Combine this new public ethos with a tough job market, more and more government and less opportunity, and you have huge numbers of young people who simply want to walk away from it all. People dream of going on the road to survive and have a little fun or adventure in their lives. Others want to leave modern society and live in a shack out in the wilderness.

Well, there is a marketing angle for that too!

Now, we ALL know that dropping out means being Walt Whitman for a few years. You get a hut, do some hunting, take a crap in a compost toilet, then come back to society “better for the experience” and have a Sam Adams with your friends. Nobody wants to live in the woods unless it’s an all-out, made-for-Hollywood experience and you can get a book deal out of it. Read: this experience is for people like Whitman; trust fund trash who have their laundry sent out and their meals delivered. Leaves of grass…yeah, whatever.

If you can get past all this nonsense, you’ll realize that the people dropping out aren’t going anywhere. They are simply finding alternative means to survive. If you can’t eat, you have to sell something, or steal something, or provide some type of service – even if you find it detestable. Of course, those young people who don’t have the intestinal fortitude to engage in something immoral or illegal simply move back home with their parents and earn $300 a week until they reach a level of despair that requires drastic action or divine luck.

When you have a society that embraces only extreme success or hard-left government, there isn’t much left for ordinary people who just want to earn a paycheck and survive. We become a third world nation with extreme poverty for most people, happiness for government workers, and riches for the heads of government and industry. Dropping out means giving up on a system that is not only hurting you, but designed to hurt you, hold you back, thwart your efforts and keep you down. A nation of conformist losers at poverty level, fixated on celebrities and tattling on their neighbors for small offenses is a nation easy to control. If you drop out of that, you are making your own way, but also you become an enemy of the state. You become something society doesn’t want, because you aren’t “just like everyone else” and the State doesn’t want that.

Be careful with your choices. Don’t tell anyone what your private thoughts are. Be yourself, be silent, create your reality. Be in the system but not part of it. There are very happy ways to drop out without losing all the good on the way.


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